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Exe Regatta Cruiser Race 26th June 2021 to Babbacombe

Rules and Sailing Instructions
Basic Information:
AM high tide – 08.37, 3.8m
PM high tide – 21.00, 4.1m

Fleet Race Captain – Charles McLennan Wiggin. Westerly Centaur “White Lady” Call Sign “White Lady” on Channel 77.

Call Signs to all of racing fleet should be “DOLPHIN FLEET” on channel 77.

1. Rules
Races will be under the current I.S.A.F. racing rules, the prescriptions of the R.Y.A., and these sailing Instructions.

2. Entry
All competitors will have completed the relevant entry form at:

This will include adding their VHF MMSI nos and ticking a box that they agree for this to be shared with the committee boat or race captain as safety protocol.

On entry you will be required to declare your PY or club handicap. Those not able to do so will be allocated a handicap based on the entry information they have given.

3. Safety and Personal Buoyancy & Insurance
The safety of a boat and her entire management, including insurance, will be the sole responsibility of the owner/skipper sailing the boat in club events. The establishment of these Sailing Instructions in no way limits or reduces that complete responsibility.

The owner/skipper will decide whether the boat is fit to sail in the conditions in which she will find herself. By going to sea, the boat confirms that she is fit for these conditions & her crew is competent to sail & take part in them.

Effective personal buoyancy will be worn when afloat, except briefly while changing or adjusting clothing or personal equipment.

Safety harnesses will be available on board and must be used when there is a risk of a ‘Man Overboard’ situation.

Members who participate in Cruiser/Dayboat events are reminded that they must have confirmed, by way of a ticked box on their membership application/renewal form, that they have third party cover for at least £2 million.

VHF Channel 77 to be used for boat-to-boat communication during Club events, unless stated otherwise by the Exe Regatta Team or the by Fleet Captain for that event.

Since this is a self-timed race, all competitors shall ensure that they have informed the Fleet Captain of their presence in the race, who will inform the coastguard of the number of boats that will be leaving as part of this race.

4. Start/Finish
The race will begin from the Safe Water Mark at Exmouth 0930 (HT 08.37, 3.8m): where the start line will be a line between the Starting Committee Boat and the Exe Safe Water Mark. All competing boats should be in the vicinity of the start line at least ten minutes before the start signal and should pass close to the Committee boat to enable their sale number to be identified.

The race will end by passing within 60m of the pier at Babbacombe (see images below – click on them for a larger version)

5. Starting Procedure
The Starting Committee boat will sound a long warning horn at 5-minutes to go. The race will begin on the sound of two short horn blasts 5 minutes later.

6. Timing
This is a self-timed race; all boats will measure their time to passing the pier at Babbacombe in respect to the second starting short blast horn.

All boats shall call in as they finish on channel 77 as they pass Babbacombe Pier.

You must keep a note of your time, where it should be formally passed/called in to the fleet race captain once all have arrived at Babbacombe. The fleet race captain will notify you who they are on the day.

You should record your time in Minutes and Seconds.

7. Course and Additional Rules
Your route should pass within 60m of the Teignmouth Outfall Buoy (which additionally shall serve as the half-way mark) and continue to Babbacombe ending within 60m of the pier.

Cruisers are permitted to use automatic steering

8. Inclement Weather or Changes on the day
Should it be required, the decision to abandon a race will be made by the Fleet Race Captain and will be communicated on VHF channel 77.

Alternatively, either:

1) if the leading boat takes more than 3.0hrs to reach the Teignmouth Outfall Buoy, the race will be shortened and will finish as boats pass due west (mag) of the outfall buoy and within 60m.


2) If the Fleet Race Captain considers that the race cannot be completed in a reasonable time, or if conditions are becoming adverse.

The shortened course will be confirmed by radio, call sign ‘DOLPHIN Fleet’ on VHF Channel 77 and will be confirmed as the Teignmouth Outfall Buoy.

9. Retiring
Should a boat retire from the race an indication must also be conveyed to the Fleet Race Captain.

10. Handicap
This is a Portsmouth Yardstick Race. The time limit for the race will be such that a boat’s corrected time does not exceed 6 hours. For guidance, some Portsmouth Numbers are listed below with their appropriate Time Limit. All boats must register their PY or handicap on the registration form ahead of the race.

PY Time Limit
900 5.4 hrs
1000 6.0 hrs
1100 6.6 hrs
1200 7.2 hrs
1300 7.8 hrs

11. Lunch
On arrival at Babbacombe there should be a couple of hours for lunch and chit chat

12. Return Journey and Evening Activities
Starcross Fishing and Cruising Club have offered to host a dinner for all competitors on return and the announcement of the winner will be made. People must arrive to SCFCC by 19.00 (likely people will arrive back to the fairway buoy between 17.30 and 18.00 – HT is 21.00 at 4.1m). Boats may raft against their pontoon. Or there are also swinging moorings available. There should be 7 spaces available to stay overnight aboard should anyone require it.

13. Award Presentations
Award presentations will be the following week at Lympstone Sailing Club as the host club of the Exe Regatta party. BBQ and Party tickets will be available from the Exe Regatta Website.

Claire Belcher
Lympstone Sailing Club
May 21